Installation Instructions for B-series engines w Cable Transmission into 88-91 Civic/ CRX

For use with Innovative Mounts Conversion Kit Part # 19150 & B19150

Before you start:

This Innovative Mount kit is designed to bolt in the B16A, B17A and
B18A engines into the 88-91 Civic or CRX with a B-series cable type transmission. It can also be used to bolt in the B18C, B18B and B20B/Z engines with the addition
of a different left-hand engine post bracket (90-93 Acura Integra) Acura part # 11910-PR3-010 or Innovative Mounts part # B59350 and a B-series cable type transmission.

 Before you begin, please make sure you have the proper rear engine/ transmission "T" bracket for your engine’s installation. If your 1st generation B16A, B17A and B18A engine did not come with a rear bracket, or you have a B18C, B18B, newer B16A, or B20B/Z engine, you will need to purchase one from
Acura part # 50827-SK7-020. It is the rear engine bracket for a 90-93 Acura Integra. These Rear T Brackets are also now available from Innovative Mounts part # 59331.

Engine bay preparation:

The B-series cable type engine and transmission are larger than your original D-series
Engine and transmission, therefore you will need to do a few things to the engine
bay for clearance purposes.

Test fit the rear mount on the rear crossmember. The rear mount uses THE
area directly in front of the mount. This area of
the rear crossmember may need to be bent down for proper clearance of the Rear T Bracket.
Test fit the bracket on the mount after bending the cross-member to make sure it was bent down enough.

A dent must be made directly below the opening on the driver's side shock tower for proper
alternator clearance. The dent needs to be approximately 1/2" deep.
Make sure to double-check the alternator clearance after bolting the engine in the

Mount kit and engine installation:

We highly recommend during the installation process to leave all your motor mount bolts loose until the engine with all mounts attached are in place. Given that there is not as much play in you new Innovative Mounts as there was with your OE mounts this will make the engine more movable and the installation process much easier. Make sure of course that the engine and transmission are being properly supported when doing so.  It is also best if the radiator is removed from the car before installing the new engine so
that it will not be damaged. This will also allow for more space to maneuver the engine
into place.

The rear mount should be loosely bolted into position after the rear cross-member has been
altered for clearance. Do not attach the rear bracket to the rear mount at this time.
The rear bracket should be installed later, as the engine is lowered or raised into
position. It is best to have help when doing this if you are installing the engine in
from the top. You will need a box end wrench to tighten the rear bolt.
If you are installing the engine from the bottom, you can go ahead and install the
right-hand mount on the transmission. If you are installing the engine from the top,
you will need to drop the engine down below it's mounting position and then install
the mount. Then raise the engine back into place while installing the rear bracket.
Do not completely tighten down the bolts on the rear bracket just yet.
Next install the left-hand driver's side engine mount, but do
not completely tighten the bolts. Use the bolt and nut
on the front bolt hole and the other nut on the stud. Make sure you also use the washer under the nuts.
Now install the top bolts on the rear engine bracket (T Bracket) where it meets the engine and
the rear mount. Then go back and tighten the
mount bolts on the right and left mounts. Finally install the two bolts on the bottom
of the rear bracket where it meets the transmission and tighten all the bracket bolts as well as any other bolts left loose during the installation process.

 We recommend that after about 100 miles of driving you check and re-torque all the mount bolts to factory

For more information concerning these engines, such as axle information, wiring information and replacement part information,
please visit our web site at and go to the DIY Swap Tech page.

Disclaimer: This installation guide is intended as a quick reference for our customers. It is based on our shop's experience as well as other technical resources and is not a direct representation of any company. If you have further questions regarding your swap feel free to contact us 626-261-4052.