AEM is dedicated to the design and engineering of premium performance electronics for racers. Involvement in both amateur and professional racing--whether four wheels or two on dirt, asphalt, sand, snow, or salt--is AEM's inspiration. What does that mean? AEM employees race, as well as help others race, so they understand buying & installing their own parts just like you. This experience translates into creation without compromise: when AEM discovers a product idea that solves a problem or identifies an improvement for less money, they make the part. AEM gets it, from your point of view. Helping racers go faster, set records, and win championships drives AEM professionally and personally.
A wideband UEGO sensor controller accurately monitors Air/Fuel ratios (AFR) during the tuning process to prevent a lean fuel mixture, which could lead to engine damage. AEM has combined its single-channel wideband UEGO controller and gauge display into one unit, uniting unsurpassed AFR accuracy and control with an easy-to-read interface. AEM's Gauge-Type Wideband UEGO Controller features a digital LED display and sweeping LED "needle" that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean. The unit's 52mm (2-1/16") gauge housing fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere.  AEM Part# 30-4110
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AEM Part # 50-1000
320lph @ 43 PSI, Supports up to 1000HP
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AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gear (Black)
For most B-Series Engine Applications, Including Acura Integra 90-01, Honda Prelude Si 88-91 & 92-96, Civic Si 99-00, Del Sol (DOHC VTEC) 94-97, Prelude Si (B20/B21) 88-91, Also Prelude Si (H23A) 92-96.
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AEM Part # 23-802BK
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AEM Part# 30-5602
AEM CD-5G Carbon Non-Logging Display with Internal GPS
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AEM Part# 30-5601
CD-5L Carbon Logging Display
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