ASR subframe reinforcement braces for most of the popular Honda vehicles. The A Spec Racing subframe Brace strengthens your subframe, preventing it from tearing behind the mounting hardware of a large-diameter sway bar by enlarging the contact region between the two as well as limiting torsional force on the subframe sheet metal
ASR Part # EF-RB-01
ASR Part# EG-RB-02
ASR Part # EK-RB-02
- ASR 6061-T6 aluminum subframe reinforcement bar
- 6061-T6 aluminum support plates
- Installation Hardware
- Installation Instructions
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- ASR 6061-T6 aluminum subframe reinforcement bar
- 6061-T6 aluminum support plates
- Installation Hardware
- Installation Instructions
ASR Part # EF-RBS-02
ASR Part # EG-RBS-02
ASR Part # EK-RBS-02
The ultimate bolt on swaybar set up for serious enthusiast looking to reduce weight and increase tunability.
The ASR 32mm Racing Hollow Swaybar Kit for the 02-06 Acura RSX was developed in conjunction with King Motorsports for their Grand Am Cup efforts. ASR complete sub frame reinforcement brace with 32mm by 2.5mm wall hollow sway bar kit for 02-06 RSX (DC5 chassis). This is the ultimate bold on sway bar setup for the serious enthusiast.
Looking to upgrade your ride with an aftermarket sway bar? Do it right the first time, and install the ASR Rear Swaybar Endlinks. These endlinks feature a thicker and stronger construction when compared to the OEM endlinks. Fit for all 1992-2000 Civic and 1994-2001 Integra vehicles. (ASR-EK-RE-01)
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The ASR subframe brace lower contral arm lower control arm bolt and spacer provides clearances for the installation of an aftermarket rear lower tie bar like the Beaks bar or any other lower tie bar.
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For existing ASR 24mm swaybar users looking for something more aggressive on the track...ASR gives you this 32mm hollow sway bar upgrade kit!
A perfect upgrade for ASR subframe reinforcement brace and ASR Ver.1 (22mm) sway bar kits.
ASR Front Tow Hook will fit '92-'95 Hatchback and Coupe Civic only.
Low Profile Design
Made From Steel
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The number 1 swaybar preferred by club racers and professional race teams. The ASR 32mm hollow bar kit is engineered to meet SCCA and NASA class regulations.
Enhance your driving position with the ASR machined billet steering wheel spacer. The spacer gives the user the adjustability of moving the steering wheel closer to the driver in order to create the 90 degree arm angle. This enhances driving position, thus better vehicle control.
ASR machined billet aluminum steering wheel adapter is the ultimate adaptor when installing an aftermarket steering wheel.
Replace your worn ASR bushings with genuine ASR products. Genuine replacement bushings for ASR 24mm or 1" swaybar kits. Sold as a pair.
ASR stainless steel endlink adaptors enables the use of ASR spherical endlinks or Honda ball joint type endlinks on an OEM Honda/Acura 22-23mm Integra Type R rear sway bar or a Mugen EG/DC2 rear sway bar. Part# ASR-EK-EA-01
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The ASR "Revolver" is a high performance replacement for the rear trailing arm compliance bushing found on many 90s Civic and Integra. The factory Honda bushings are designed to take braking and cornering loads from a street tire with stock vehicle height. But as you modify your car with grippier tires and lowering it, the factory bushing will become inadequate and may cause handling issues due to binding and over traveling. Part# EK-RTA-01
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The ASR Shifter Relocator (aka. Dog Bone Shifter) was designed with the idea of optimal driver position. Made out of high grade 6061-T6 Aluminum it is lightweight and strong for all you guys that like to go full chile. Using the ASR Dog Bone Shifter means you do not need to buy a $150+ shifter to simply relocate the shift knob closer to you. Part# ASR-EK-DB-01

ASR 8th and 9th Gen Front Camber Plate for Honda Civic FD

Originally designed in 2010 the ASR Front Camber Plate has come a long way. Design improvements have been made to accommodate a larger bearing and a stronger pillow block design has been introduced. This larger bearing and pillow block design now handles larger axial load which is introduced with lowered vehicles improving on the robustness of the previous design.

ASR Rear tow hook is designed to fit multiple Honda vehicle from 88-15 with a center tow eye by the rear bumper.
Constructed with high strength Chromoly steel and finished with a high gloss powder coating for durability.
ASR Part# ASR-THR-01
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Please Note: Some ASR products are special order depending on application and selected options. Most have a 2-4 week lead time. If you would like to check the availability of a specific part, please e-mail us or give us a call before ordering.