D-Series Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifolds

Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifolds feature larger plenums and oversized runners when compared to OEM intake manifolds for maximum horsepower and torque gains. Instead of producing manifolds with significantly oversized plenums and excessively short runners that would sacrifice mid-range power, Pro Series manifolds were designed for the “street enthusiast” who wants more power but doesn’t want to sacrifice mid-range performance to get it. The results are improved airflow, an enhanced venturi effect, and both mid-range and top-end power gains. Skunk2 is a familiar name in the intake manifold business, with more than 10 years of experience designing, testing, and building them.

Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold Civic, CRX, Del Sol 1988-2000 D16A-Z SOHC

Skunk2 D-Series Pro Series Intake Manifold
Part # 307-05-0260 & 307-05-0265

Skunk2 Air Temp Blockoff B/H/F

Skunk2 Part # 307-05-9555
Skunk2 now offers B-Series Air Temp block off plate for applications where the Air Temp is no longer used. This plate is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and comes with mounting hardware.
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