KAIZENSPEED H-Series Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

The KAIZENSPEED balance shaft eliminator kit includes ALL necessary parts to cleanly eliminate your balance shafts for ALL H-series and F-series engines!

Evolution H22A/ H2B Balance Shaft Removal Package

KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit (installed in oil pump)

Now you can get a brand new OEM Honda Oil pump with the KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator kit already installed in it! We take the headache out of pressing the plugs into the oil pump because we do it for you. We ensure a perfect installation, saving you time and money. KAIZENSPEED uses only OEM Honda oil pumps in everything from street cars to our 1200 horsepower Outlaw EK. Our Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit is included and only the girdle plugs need to be installed. They have done the oil pump for you!

KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator Install Kit

The KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator Install Kit includes all the necessary gaskets to install your KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

KAIZENSPEED H22 Timing Tensioner

KAIZENSPEED’s Version 2 H22 Timing Belt Tensioner directly replaces the stock H22 auto tensioner and eliminates the annoying H23 manual tensioner conversion. CNC
machined from billet aluminum with a Stainless Steel tension rod and jam
nut. No special adjustment wrench is needed with our tensioner!.

Evolution Industries H-Series Replacement Crank Pulley

Evolution Version 2 Crank Pulley Part # EV-26634
- Precision machined from superior T7075 aircraft grade aluminum.
- Weighs 1.95 pounds versus 5.610 stock, saving you over 3 ½ pounds of rotational mass!
- Hard coat anodized and laser engraved for added wear resistance and longevity.
- Made to be used with stock H22 alternator ( 6-rib pulley)
- Measures at 6.1 inches versus 6.6 inch stock..
- Proudly made right here in the U.S.

Evolution Industries H-Series Crank Pulley

Evolution H22A/ H2B *Version 1 Crank Pulley. Part # 26630

Evolution Industries H22A Balance Shaft Cover Plate

Rear Balance Shaft Gear Cover Plate. Evolution Part #28320

OEM Honda Prelude H22A VTEC Oil Pump

H22A DOHC VTEC OEM Genuine Honda Oil Pump

KS-Tuned Walk Blocker Kit

The KAIZENSPEED Walk Blocker acts as an extra guide on the timing tensioner pulley to prevent the timing belt from walking off the cam gears. Part# KST-1014
*Compatible with : H22, F20b , & H23 VTEC (Bluetop)