Innovative Mounts Hydro to Cable Conversion Kit installation Reference

This install guide is for Innovative Mounts part numbers 40020, 40120, 40150, and 40120-HW

Thank you for purchasing the Innovative Mounts Hydraulic to Cable Conversion Kit. Please Read the following instructions for proper installation:


1. For the installation of the slave cylinder relocating bracket and full installation of the slave cylinder, it is recommended that it be done before the transmission is installed into your vehicle, reason being that it may be difficult to properly drill into the cable transmission clutch lever.

2. To install the relocating bracket you will first need to remove the two 8mm bolts on the transmission located directly below the clutch lever using a 12mm wrench or socket, when installing the bracket it should be positioned so that the three holes that are inline with each other are up. This will align the slave cylinder at the proper angle.

3. On the slave cylinder you will need to remove the rubber boot to swap out the factory pin with the supplied ball joint and pin.

4. Next you will need to drill a 5/16 hole through the external clutch lever located on the cable transmission.
5. The position to drill the 5/16 hole is 2.500” from the center of the shaft that is welded to the lever (this shaft is the part that goes into the transmission).

6. Once all of the above has been completed you can now mount the slave cylinder using the factory bolts that where originally used to mount the slave cylinder to the original transmission, if you do not have these bolts they are M8x1.25_25mm long.

7. Supplied with this kit is a 5/16 bolt with lock nut, this will be used to go through the hole that was drilled earlier, locating the ball joint into position.

8. Now that you have completed the installation you may need to bleed the clutch line, if so this should be done from where the line connects to the slave cylinder and not from the bleeder valve.


Disclaimer: This installation guide is intended as a quick reference for our customers. It is based on our shop's experience as well as other technical resources and is not a direct representation of any company. If you have further questions regarding your swap feel free to contact us 626-261-4052.