Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex System Acura RSX 02-06

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Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex System (Master Set/Red or Black) for Acura RSX (Including Type-S) 02-06
Part # ES16-18111

HYPER-FLEX SYSTEM Performance Bushing Master Sets-for the most popular car and truck models, both import and domestic. Now, with just one part number you can replace all of the major suspension bushing components with HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane. By installing a complete set of ENERGY's performance polyurethane bushings you'll realize an incredible improvement in control-no matter what demand you put on your vehicle. ENERGY's control arm bushings will maintain proper caster and camber alignment throughout the suspension travel, without binding. The leaf spring bushings will deliver an increase in handling and control and greatly reduce wheel hop on quick acceleration. Even braking control is improved through better suspension stability.

This set includes Front and rear control arm bushings, front and rear sway bar bushings.