NRG Matte Black Oil Catch Can - Universal Kit

NRG Innovations
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The NRG Oil Catch Tank was designed to capture oil that is normally re-circulated from the valve cover into the intake system. Though process this is normal, in time, this oily sludge will accumulate into your valve train and can cause insufficient combustion. The NRG Oil Catch Tank will capture this oil from entering back into your intake system. As a result, a cleaner running motor will increase efficiency and performance. The NRG Oil Catch Tank is also great for competition, since regulations require these vehicles to have them for concerns that oil may drip on the track. NRG Part # OCC-100BK

The NRG Oil Catch Tank is constructed of stainless steel for durability and polished to a mirror finish. Each kit will include an indicator hose, vacuum pressure sender adapter and mounting hardware and hoses.

The NRG Oil Catch Tank features:

Designed to capture oil from re-entering your intake system
Maintains a cleaner valve train and increase combustion
Improved engine efficiency and performance
Constructed of stainless steel for durability
A must have for competition and street vehicles
Includes all hardware for installation