ACT Full Face Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

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ACT Complete Clutch Kit comes with heavy duty pressure plate, performance street disc, release bearing, pilot bearing & alignment tool.
This clutch offers 245ft/lbs of Torque.

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate: Clamps load increase of 20% to 50%, Pedal feels stock to moderate, Many SFI Certified to insure safety

Modified Disc: Recommended for Street or occasional Race, Quicker engagement, Quiet operation, Improved friction material and/or hub strength

ACT Clutch Kits. After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars building that high powered engine, you need a quality clutch that can properly transfer that power into motion. But there is much more to consider. For street use, you will need a long lasting clutch that has positive feel, smooth engagement and quiet operation. For racing, you need a tough clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips all the way to the finish line.