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BLOX Tuner Series, Type C Camshafts, K20A RSX Type-S

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BLOX Part# BXCM-10202

Measured at Primary Lobes @ 0.050 Duration
INTAKE: 232.6° / 0.486”
EXHAUST: 225.1° / 0.415”

Measured at Seconary Lobes @ 0.050 Duration
INTAKE: 278.3° / 0.531”
EXHAUST: 296° / 0.495

BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, gun-drilled camshaft cores.

BLOX Racing K-series DOHC i-VTEC Type-C camshafts are designed for RACE ONLY engine builds.

Upgraded valvetrain, cylinder head porting, high compression, upgraded tensioner and ECU are required. Honda RBC or RRC intake manifold is recommended.

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