Hondata Normally Closed Boost Controller

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The Hondata 4 port boost controller precisely directs pressure to the top and bottom of your waste-gate diaphragm. It allows much lower waste-gate spring pressure for better low gear boost control and perfect high gear, high boost control.

A 10 lb waste-gate spring will enable 50+ psi of boost
Better spool-up and mid range power
Better duty cycle control

For use with:

FlashPro 2006-11 Civic Si
FlashPro S2000
FlashPro 07/08 TSX
The Hondata 4 port boost control solenoid is designed for use in high boost applications, but also works well in low boost applications. It is normally closed so that on failure you will run off the waste-gate spring to prevent over-boosting.  It uses 1/8th NPT fittings which can be adapted to AN fittings.

If you are upgrading from a 3 port solenoid, the boost control tables will need re-tuning.

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