Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can

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Mishimoto Part# MMBCC-CF
Patent pending
3K twill weave carbon fiber catch can body reduces weight and improves engine bay aesthetics
1/4 turn lid makes checking levels quick while still providing an air-tight seal
7.4 fluid ounce capacity lengthens service intervals
Cyclone baffle's blades are designed using computational fluid dynamics for improved air-oil separation
High-flow filter adds extra layer of protection without affecting PCV/CCV pressures on high-boost applications
Universal CNC billet bracket mounts the can securely
Safe for pressurized applications
Filter and can are fully serviceable
Optional Mishimoto 90° Swivel Banjo Fitting and available baffled oil catch can petcock drain kit
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Here at Mishimoto, we don’t believe in good enough. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We strive to take our products to the next level and live by our mantra–to Push the Limits. It’s this attitude along with months of testing and development that has lead us to our newest patent pending carbon fiber catch can.

We’ve taken every bit of engineering that we put into our compact catch can, and took it to the next level. For starters, we increased the size of the can to a 7.4 fluid ounce capacity. We’ve also constructed the can’s body from 3K carbon fiber, reducing the weight and maximizing your engine bay’s aesthetic. Our carbon fiber catch can doesn’t only look the part, it acts the part. We’ve incorporated a uniquely designed baffled insert which makes short work of separating oil and blow-by contaminates from your PCV system. The clean air is routed through our high-flow filter material, which acts as a safety net against any rogue oil droplets without compromising the improved airflow characteristics, even in freezing temperatures.

We’ve also taken the hassle out of checking the fluid level and servicing your catch can by incorporating a quarter-turn lid. Servicing is now as easy as a flick of the wrist. We also ran several tests to ensure that our improved design would capture harmful blow-by on just about every engine configuration, and put the carbon fiber body to the ultimate test of 100,000 pressurization cycles.

The carbon fiber catch can and filter are both fully serviceable, and the kit includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty to ensure long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

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