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The New Patented NOSzle universal systems fit all honda and acura fuel injected engines and represent the most sophisticated, patented advance in Nitrous oxide technology in years. The new NOS NOSzle Direct Port EFI systems allow precise fuel/ Nitrous distribution without the chance of fuel puddling, and huge horsepower gains with no intake Manifold modifications or hard line routing required. The key to this system is in the delivery NOSzle itself. The NOSzle is a 3–piece billet aluminum unit which is precision machined to channel additional fuel and Nitrous while housing your existing fuel injector. This method of distributing fuel and Nitrous takes the danger out of singlenozzle fogger systems and the hassle out of traditional direct port fogger kits. For a high performance EFI motor, The NOSzle is perfect in form and function. Like all NOS systems, The NOSzle systems are complete. The universal kits come with 10lb bottle, Pro Shot Nitrous Solenoid(s), Cheater Fuel Solenoid(s), high pressure NHRA approved poly lines, brackets, microswitch and all other wiring/hardware to make installation a snap. NOSzle Direct Port E.F.I. Nitrous System Universal 4 cyl. Kit 50 – 125 HP w/10 lb. Bottle