BLOX Forged Racing Lug Nuts 12 x 1.25 mm

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These Street Sries lug nuts are forged from AL7075 aluminum/magnesium alloy for the ultimate in weight savings without any compromise to strength. The straight-through design allows Blox extended wheels studs to be used for optimum performance. Each lug nut weighs approximately 26.5g and is available in thread pitch sizes of 12 x 1.25mm and 12 x 1.5mm.

BLOX Racing offers forged AL7075 magnesium alloy lug nuts. Each lug nut is forged, then CNC-machined to specifications.

Forged AL7075 lug nuts are perfect for both performance and show enthusiasts. Each feature knurled ends for better grip and are anodized for durability and show quality appeal. For maximum results, use with BLOX Racing Extended Wheels Studs.

- 19mm; Hex
- Length: 50.2mm
- Knurled end: 18.0mm
- Seat: 25.3mm

Generally Ships in 1-5 Business Days depending on color availability

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