Energy Suspension Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushings

Energy Suspension
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Energy Suspension Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set (2-Pieces)
for Acura Integra 90-01, Honda Civic/ CRX 88-00, Honda Del Sol (All)

For Honda Civic and Acura Integra Transmissions. Makes your shifts more consistent.
By using performance bushings, you'll take the slop out of your shifting mechanism and you'll be able to make faster, more consistent shifts. These new shift stabilizer systems are made of long lasting, firmer polyurethane. These bushings handle the stresses put on the vehicle for high performance driving, as well as all out racing.

The Shift Stabilizer Bushing will improve the shift feel and responsiveness on your vehicles This easily installed kit eliminates the soft rubber factory change extension bushings. Our anodized rear shifter mount replaces the soft, spongy, factory rubber mount and is precision engineered to remove all flexing common to rubber and plastic type bushings which lead to shifter movement and miss shifts. This system will work with the factory shifter and other aftermarket shifters.

Note: Available in Graphite (Black) or Red color. Please select color when order.