Autometer Cobalt Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

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Autometer Cobalt 52mm Electronic Air Fuel Gauge. Part# 6175

The Cobalt Series features a black dial face, anodized bezel, white numbering, and blue accents. At night, an explosion of cobalt blue light shines through the dial and into any interior scheme, from stock to shock.

Running too lean while enjoying spirited driving in your vehicle is one of the leading causes of expensive engine damage. AutoMeter’s Narrowband Air/Fuel Gauges pair with older Oxygen Sensors to warn of lean burn conditions under heavy engine load. Connects directly to the factory O2 sensor on many applications, or uses the AutoMeter 2244 Narrowband O2 sensor. Not compatible with 5 wire air/fuel sensors.

Feature Points:
-Compatible with factory narrowband O2 sensors (0-1V)
-May require model 2244 if the vehicle does not have a factory narrowband primary O2 sensor
-Features LED radial bar graph display (gauge does not have provision for backlight)
-Will not work with wideband O2 sensors (0-5V) - please check your specific application before purchase

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