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HighEnd TRI-Y B-Series Stainless Steel Race Headers

HighEnd Ind.
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- Designed for high horsepower applications
- Highest horsepower out of and Honda mass produced header
- No ground clearance problems*
- CNC machined Flanges
- 2.5in collector, accepts Type R gasket
- Stainless Steel

- May require modification to exhaust flange or Catalytic-converter
Applications B-series (B16, B17, B18, B20)

Highend Tri Y B-Series Header features 1.3/4' primaries going into a pair of 2.1/8' secondaries with a smooth transition into a 2.1/2' collector. The header is made of 304 stainless steel and is tig welded. The primaries are gasket matched for max flow.

Will work on all B series motors, but will not fit 88-91 Civic chassis with OEM crossmember without modification. Not AC Compatable. *Ground clearance may be effected on some applications.

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