Nippon Racing PR3 B20 Pistons with Scat H-Beam Rods Combo

Nippon Racing
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Nippon Racing Honda/ Acura PR3 B20 / B20-VTEC Pistons, with B-Series Scat Rods RACE Engine Kit JDM PR3 Pistons Kit with upgraded CIR-CLIPS. 84mm, 84.5mm or 85mm

This piston and rod kit includes:
-4 Nippon Racing Honda/Acura PR3 Pistons (full floating)
-Scat 4340 High Strength Steel Forged H-Beam Rods for the Honda B20B/ B20Z block with ARP 2000 Alloy Rod Bolts
- Gas Nitrite N-51 Coated Racing Piston Rings**
-High Strength case Hardened 9310 Steel Wrist Pins
-8 Hardened Spiral Lock Wrist Pin Clips
-1 Packet of ARP Molly thread Lubricant

This kit will fit all 84-85mm bore B-Series engines.

These pistons are designed only for NA applications.

We utilize NPR rings as they are OEM for most of the worlds Engines.**

Do not be fooled by imitation pistons. Nippon Racing Pistons are Made from a High Quality Proprietary Aluminum Alloy we have developed after years of racing import cars and building engines.

**NPR Rings may be substituted for GNH or Hastings depending on availability

Note for Compression Estimates not listed please use the following calculator (choose JDM PR3 as the piston type).

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