Cometic Honda K20A1 Exhaust Manifold Gasket

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Cometic Part# 4160-030
Cometic Honda K20A1/A3 01-04 RSX Exhaust .030 inch MLS Head Gasket 1.820 inch X 1.540 inch Port

Honda/Acura K20A1/K20A3 2.0L DOHC 2001-04 4 Cylinder

Cometic Exhaust Manifold Gaskets utilize the same technology that goes into Cometic Headgaskets.  Offered in MLS (Multi Layered Steel) Cometic Exhaust Manifold Gaskets will give you years of reliable performance.

 * Maintains Torque Setting
 * Withstands Different Combinations of Cylinder Head & Exhaust Manifold Materials
 * Will Not Push Out or Burn Through

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