Honda B-Series Hydro Clutch Line

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D-series & B-series Hydraulic clutch line Part# CLUTCH-LINE-B-D
This new Clutch line kit will work great s2k or factory clutch master cylinders. It fits all D-series and B-series engines. For use in your Civics, Integras, and Del Sol's. (We offer F-series and H-series clutch lines as well)

- Low profile 45deg. banjo on the clutch master side
- Straight clutch fitting on the slave side
- 55 inches is about average for B-series
- Includes Banjo bolt and washers
- Replaces the whole factory line from master to slave cylinder

- Steel braided line with black teflon coating

Note: Some of the Canadian model 96+ Civics have M12 clutch master cylinders, If yours is the M12 type. This is the clutch cable you'll need: Accord & Prelude Hydraulic clutch line
To check if your Clutch master is M10 or M12, use a 12mm socket on the bolt - if it fits, that's the M12 type.

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