SFR K-Series Fuel Rail -10AM Mega Flow

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SFR Part# SF-02-802
SFR set out to build the ideal K-Series fuel rail that will work for everyone from the bolt-on K-swapped street car to a 2000+hp methanol monster like our Outlaw car. The SpeedFactory Billet K-Series Mega Flow -10AN Fuel Rail is the result!

Our Mega Flow rail features a GIGANTIC 0.806” fuel bore with -10 ORB inlet/outlets and Viton O-rings. Perfect for high volume ethanol & methanol fuels, and the large internal volume helps dampen the pressure pulses created by the massive fuel injectors now commonly being used.

Three (3) -10 ORB ports allow user the option to feed or return from the ends OR under the center of the rail for a sleek, tucked look.

Vehicle Application/Fitment: All K-swapped ‘88-‘00 Civic / ‘90-‘01 Integra chassis and any universal K-swap applications. Fits most K-Series engines except direct-injection K20C and K20B engines.  Fits RBC, PRB, and RBB intake manifolds and almost any aftermarket intake manifold.

Product Features:

Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
Black Anodized finish throughout adds durability & eliminates corrosion
Laser-etched SFR logo
-10AN ORB Inlet/Outlet ports with massive 20.4mm (0.806”) fuel bore supports even the most demanding 2000+hp turbocharged setups on high volume alcohol-based fuels
Center feed/return port for tucked fuel line routing if desired
One (1) 1/8 NPT port for fuel pressure takeoff option (example: gauge, sending unit, or wet nitrous feed) and includes one (1) Stainless Steel 1/8 NPT plug
One (1) additional M6x1.0 threaded hole that can be used for mounting bracket (example: EBC solenoid, wiring d-ring, etc)
Includes two (2) Stainless Steel M8x1.25x25mm socket head cap screws for fuel rail mounting & one (1) -10 ORB Male to -6AN Male feed fitting and two (2) -10 ORB Port Plugs for use with your commonly seen -6AN fuel system setups.

Always make sure to thoroughly flush out any new fuel system components before use to make sure you do not get debris into your fuel injectors.
Always check for fuel leaks before starting the engine.
Replace all crush washers, o-rings, cushion rings, seal rings, and insulators when fuel rail is disassembled.
Different combinations of fuel injectors, adaptors, and intake manifolds require various spacers/adaptors/o-rings/etc for proper installation. This is a normal part of setting up your fuel system and you will need to figure out the appropriate parts for your specific combination.