Honda B-series Koyo Tensioner

This Koyo tensioner is designed for use with all B series engines. Koyo is the OEM supplier to Honda for the tensioners, so you are getting the same product quality with this item as with the genuine Honda tensioner.
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KAIZENSPEED H22 Timing Tensioner

KAIZENSPEED’s Version 2 H22 Timing Belt Tensioner directly replaces the stock H22 auto tensioner and eliminates the annoying H23 manual tensioner conversion. CNC
machined from billet aluminum with a Stainless Steel tension rod and jam
nut. No special adjustment wrench is needed with our tensioner!.

Honda OEM K-Series Timing Chain Tensioner

Honda Part # 14510-PRB-A01
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Hybrid Racing K-Series Timing Chain Tensioner

Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-TCT-01-05
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Skunk2 K Series Tensioner

Skunk2 Honda/Acura K Series Chain Tensioner

Skunk2 Part # 340-05-0002

Gates B-Series Timing Belt Tensioner

Gates 90-01 Acura Integra / 99-00 Honda Civic/97-01 CR-V B-Series Powergrip Timing Belt Tensioner. Part# T41016
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K-Tuned K-Series Timing Chain Tensioner

K-Tuned Part # KTD-TEN--001

KS-Tuned Walk Blocker Kit

The KAIZENSPEED Walk Blocker acts as an extra guide on the timing tensioner pulley to prevent the timing belt from walking off the cam gears. Part# KST-1014
*Compatible with : H22, F20b , & H23 VTEC (Bluetop)
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BLOX Competition Series Chain Tensioner S2000 00-09

BLOX Part# BXPT-10510
The BLOX Racing CSCT (Competition Series Chain Tensioner) for the Honda S2000 is designed for consistent engine performance to withstand the rigors of daily driving to severe endurance racing applications.
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Skunk2 Honda/Acura K-Series (K20 Only) Black Anodized Timing Chain Cover

Skunk2 Part# 681-05-4005

Skunk2 is proud to introduce the first-ever billet aluminum Timing Chain Cover for the K20A, K20A2, K20A3, and K20Z1 K Series engines.

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