Evolution Crank Pulley

Evolution Industries H-Series Replacement Crank Pulley

Evolution Version 2 Crank Pulley Part # EV-26634
- Precision machined from superior T7075 aircraft grade aluminum.
- Weighs 1.95 pounds versus 5.610 stock, saving you over 3 ½ pounds of rotational mass!
- Hard coat anodized and laser engraved for added wear resistance and longevity.
- Made to be used with stock H22 alternator ( 6-rib pulley)
- Measures at 6.1 inches versus 6.6 inch stock..
- Proudly made right here in the U.S.

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Evolution Industries H-Series Crank Pulley

Evolution H22A/ H2B *Version 1 Crank Pulley. Part # 26630
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Evolution K20A Pulley A/C, P/S Removal Kit

Evolution Industries K-20 Competition Pulley Set

Not only can you eliminate power robbing A/C (air conditioning) & P/S (power steering) pumps, but this Competition Pulley Set allows you to relocate the alternator to a lower position for the best center of gravity, shown with optional crank pulley.

Evolution Scion FRS & Subaru BRZ Replacment Crank Pulley

Evolution Part # 26633

Evolution Industries K-Series Crankshaft Pulley Damper

Replace you aging factory pulley with the lighter, and SFI approved Honda/Acura Evolution K-series crank pulley. Made from superior 7075-T651 aircraft grade aluminum, and hard anodized for superior corrosion and wear resistance. Tested to RPM ranges over 20,000, laser etched timing marks, and superior dampening are key features of this quality pulley. Ideal for both street and strip. Pulley Weighs 2.350 lbs

Evolution Industries B-Series Crankshaft Pulley Dampner

The Evolution Industries Single Pulley Damper will lessen the horsepower drain on your engine. SFI Approved underdrive pulley will increase horsepower by reducing the amount of power required to drive external engine accessories & by correctly countering the additional power robbing harmonic vibrations found in every "V" or inline engine. Bottom line is that you get more available horsepower to the wheels.