Hood Damper Kits

Often times, injury while working on a vehicle is caused by the hood falling on an individual. This product is offered for that purpose as well as a way to exhibit your under hood modifications. These units also allow the hood to remain up and stable even under high wind conditions and were thoroughly tested for repeated use. With the use of oil filled shocks and light dampening for lightened hood applications these dampers have lift assist and slow decline features. Stainless steel w/ lightweight alloy shaft and casing with hydraulic oil seals end links for mounting points for durability and heat resistance. Weighs in at only 200g on average, this is a must-have addition to any hood prop vehicle. Easy to install and all hardware is included.

NRG Part # HD-100
NRG Part # HD-110
NRG Part # HD-120
NRG Part # HD-130
NRG Part # HD-140
NRG Part # HD-160
NRG Part # HD-170
NRG Part # HD-150
NRG Part # HD-200
NRG Part # HD-300
NRG Part # HD-400
NRG Part # HD-500
NRG Part # HD-600
NRG Part # HD-700
NRG Part # HD-800
NRG Part # HD-810
NRG Part # HD-880
NRG Part # HD-900