Replacement Filters

BLOX Air Filter (dry) "The Shorty" 6" ID, 5" H

BLOX Racing Part# BXIM-00320
The "shorty" features the same 6" (ID) base opening that conveniently accepts all BLOX Racing velocity stacks but, instead, measures a stout, 5" in height.  This new filter size is designed to fit into tighter areas inside the engine bay when space and clearance become critical.  BLOX Racing performance air filters feature a high-flow, dry element.  The dry element filter prevents any sensors from becoming soaked with oil that is normally associated with wet filter brands.  BLOX Racing filters are dyno-proven to increase horsepower and torque.

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DC Sports Replacement Air Filter

Dry Element No-Oil Replacement Air Filter
Available from a 2.5" to 4.5" Inlet
DC Sports Part # DCF--- 
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AEM Dryflow Filter Universal

Unique non-woven polyester element is independently tested to filter out 98.6% of airborne fine dust in initial efficiency, with an industry leading cumulative efficiency of 99.4% (cumulative efficiency is the average for the test cycle). The DRYFLOW also filters down to ONE MICRON of particulate! Our competitors claim that as the filter gets dirty, it filters more efficiently. While this is true, what they dont tell you is that their clean filter lets dirt through until it traps enough to become efficient! Get the best filtration the first time with AEM BRUTE FORCE intakes and the DRYFLOW Synthetic filterFits