Honda/ Acura MSD Distributor Caps

Modified Distributor Caps
Professional race engine builders have known for a long time that the only way to produce maximum horsepower from a Honda or Acura engine is to get rid of the weak coil mounted inside the cap. MSD’s new Honda and Acura Modified Distributor Caps are specially constructed to allow the use of an external coil such as an MSD Blaster Series Coil. Each cap is specially fitted with an MSD Power Tower to accept a high voltage coil wire.

MSD Distributor Cap Honda/ Acura 82903

Dist. Cap & Rotor, Mod., Honda Civic/CRX 88-91 1.5/1.6L


Honda Civic, CRX  1.5L/1.6L 88-91  
Acura Integra  1.6L/1.8L 88-91 w/TEC Dist

MSD Distributor Cap Honda/ Acura 82933

Dist. Cap & Rotor, Mod. Acura Integra GSR 94-01 (82933)


Acura Integra GS-R  1.8L  94-01 w/TEC Dist

MSD Honda Acura Distributor Cap Honda/ Acura 82923

Dist. Cap  Mod. Honda Civic/CRX 92-01 1.5/1.6L (82923)


Honda Accord  2.2L  90-91  w/TEC Dist 
Accord DX (Only) 2.3L 98-02  w/TEC Dist
Civic del Sol  1.5L/1.6L 93-97  w/TEC Dist
Civic/Si (Exc. 96-00 HX) 1.5L/1.6L 92-00 SOHC/DOHC
CRV  2.0L  97-01 w/TEC Dist 
Acura Integra (All Models) 1.7L/1.8L 92-93 w/TEC Dist
Integra GS,LS,RS  1.8L  94-01 w/TEC Dist

MSD Distributor Cap Honda/ Acura 82913

Dist. Cap  Mod. Honda Accord 94-97 2.2L


Honda Accord EX  2.2L  94-97  w/Hit Dist 
Civic HX (Only)  1.6L  96-00 w/Hit Dist 
Odyssey  2.2L 95-97  w/Hit Dist 
Acura CL 2.2L  97(Only)  w/Hit Dist

MSD Distributor Cap Honda 82943


Acura CL 2.3L 98-99  
Accord 2.3L 98-02  
Odyssey 2.3L 98 (Only)