The Blox one-piece cast aluminum intake manifold will improve your engine's overall flow characteristics compared to the factory unit. Using the latest in casting technology reduces its overall weight and makes the Blox manifold the lightest in the industry. Each application has been designed using a larger plenum and longer intake runners, then tuned for peak power at high RPM. Blox intake manifolds are ideal for naturally-aspirated or forced induction applications. All factory sensors and throttle body are utilized, while recessed bolt holes make for a simple installation. Applications are currently available for Honda DOHC 1.6-1.8L VTEC and non-VTEC engines. CARB-EO pending.

Swap Shop Racing is an Authorized Direct BLOX Dealer.

Blox Performance V3 B-series Intake Manifolds

BLOX Racing is proud to reintroduce its Power Intake Manifold for the Honda B-series engines. The redesigned intake manifold is cast using the latest in gravity casting technology, which helps create a smoother internal plenum and runners. The intake manifold’s overall weight is also greatly reduced. Also new is the relocated IAC port which accommodates throttle body match-porting up to 72mm.

BLOX Racing surface-mount vacuum blocks

BLOX Racing surface-mount vacuum blocks provide a single point for additional vacuum needs. They easily mount anywhere on a flat surface. BLOX Part # BXIM-10010

BLOX Racing billet vacuum manifold kit

Each BLOX Racing billet vacuum manifold kit is a great addition for enthusiasts and tuners that require additional vacuum sources. BLOX Part # BXAC-00403

BLOX Intake Manifold Stud Kit B/D/F/H/K-Series

In certain instances, the factory intake manifold studs may not be long enough when installing an aftermarket thermal intake manifold gasket. The BLOX stud kit ensures that there will be sufficient threading available when torquing down the manifold bolts.