SFR Part# SF-02-053

SFR - Spark Plug Cover (Black), for Honda/Acura B18C of B16A VTEC Engine.

Skunk2 Honda Raw Spark Plug Cover (K-Series)
Part# 632-05-1000
Skunk2 Honda Black Spark Plug Cover (K-Series)
Part# 632-05-1005
K-Tuned Part# DP3-K20-BLK/ DP3-K24-BLK
All K-Series Motors
Driveshaft Shop Part Numbers: HY3995L0/ HY4000L0
Sold as a pair. Level 0 Axles. No Warranty Against Breakage
DSS Honda Civic EG/EK H-Series Basic Axle Level 0 (most mount kits except Hasport EGH2/EKH2)
Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-CPC-01-08
Hybrid Racing Formula Coil Pack Cover | 2000-2008 Honda S2000
Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-CPC-01-07
Hybrid Racing Formula Coil Pack Cover K-Series 2002-2005 Honda Civic SI/ 2004-2008 TSX/ 02-06 Acura RSX
Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-CPC-01-06
Hybrid Racing Formula Coil Pack Cover 2012-2015 Civic SI/ 2009-20014 TSX
Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-CPC-01-09
Hybrid Racing Formula Spark Plug Cover K-Series 99-00 Honda Civic SI/ 02-06 Acura Integra GSR/ Type-R (B-Series VTEC ALL)

K-Tuned Part# KTD-KVC-SP1
K20A and K24A Style heads
* Does NOT fit K24Z Series style head
* Limited run of Wrinkle Yellow AKA Mellow Yellow
* Does NOT come with Coil Pack Cover, Oil Cap and Dipstick

New vented valve cover perfect for boosted or high HP K-Series cars.