JDM Amber Corner Lights

Add some style to your ride with the Password:JDM Smoked Amber Corner Lights! These corner lights are manufactured to OE specs, and are a great compliment to the JDM smoked amber corner lights!

For all the fellas who knows what cool is, we had to make these available. PasswordJDM smoked amber corners are the best there is. Compare these to anything else available, you will know that  are built to much much higher standards all because they are PasswordJDM. These are smoked straight from the factory. They dont paint these, or get them painted at all, it's all in the mfg. process. It costs a bit more, it was worth it. 

Beware of imitation "painted" smoke color on the lens, our lights will never fade unlike the painted smoke color ones!! oh yeah, these wont leak when you wash your car!

Part # PW-LCL-EF9-S91