Honda Distributors

New OEM Spec Replacement Distributors for JDM Honda Engines 

NEW 2nd Gen JDM OBD1 B16A Ignition Distributor

Application: Second Gen. JDM Honda OBD-1 B16A-2 * This OE replacement distributor is compatible with the following OEM housing #'s: TD-44U & TD-68U

NEW OBD2 JDM "B" Series Ignition Distributor

OBD2 JDM Honda B-Series VTEC Distributor. This OE replacement distributor is compatible with the following OEM housing #'s: TD-81U,  TD-84U, TD-86U, & TD-87U (99-00 SI B16A & 96-01 GSR B18C)

H22A VTEC Prelude (US Spec) OBD2 to OBD1 Distributor Adapter

This distributor jumper harness adapter will convert a 1996 2001 up H22A Prelude Distributor and crank sensor plugs to match a 1992-1995 OBD1 Distributor.
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