Weapon R K20 Race Intake Manifold

Part# 501-122-112
Weapon R Honda / Acura K20 Race Sheet Metal Intake Manifold
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Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold

The Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold is specifically designed for turbo charged engines that require multiple vacuum sources. Part# GVM-100

Golden Eagle Vacuum Brass Barb Adapter Kit

Used with GVM100 Vacuum Manifolds KIT INCLUDES:-One 3/8" Nylon Tee
-Six Brass - 1/8" pipe thread by 3/16" barbed adapters
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Skunk2 Limited Edition Black Series B18C GSR Intake Manifold

Skunk2 Racing - Pro-Series Intake Manifold (Black Edition)
Available for B18C1 and JDM B18C GSR Engines. Part# 307-05-0275
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Skunk2 Limited Edition Black Series B16A Intake Manifold

Skunk2 Pro Series 88-01 Honda/Acura B16A/B/B17A/B18C5 Intake Manifold (CARB Exempt) (Black Series)
Skunk2 Part# 307-05-0295
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BLOX Intake Manifold Stud Kit B/D/F/H/K-Series

In certain instances, the factory intake manifold studs may not be long enough when installing an aftermarket thermal intake manifold gasket. The BLOX stud kit ensures that there will be sufficient threading available when torquing down the manifold bolts.

Skunk2 Ultra Race Series Billet Type-R Manifold K20C1/ K20C4

Skunk2 Part# X307-05-2000
2017-2020 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 (2.0T (K20C1) Intake Manifold
-Tapered AL6061 CNC Billet Intake Runners
-Modular Design with Removable Cast 3.5L Plenum1L Spacer Included. 2L Spacer Available Separately
-Thick Runner Walls Allow for Additional Porting
-90mm Throttle Body Flange - Std. 5.0L Ford Pattern
-Secondary Fuel Rail & Injectors (Sold Separately)
-4 x 1/8” NPT, 2 x 1/4” NPT and 1 x OEM AIT PortThermal Gasket and all Mounting Hardware Included
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SFR Intake/ Exhasut Manifold Stud Kit (STAINLESS STEEL M8X1.25X55MM)

A cost-effective yet still high performance alternative to Titanium Stud Kits.
Part# SF-02-061-55-SS
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