AEM Electronics

AEM Coil-On-Plug Conversion kit (Honda/ Acura B-Series)

AEM Part # 30-2860 Coil-On-Plug Conversion Kit for B-Series Honda Engines

AEM's digital Multi-Channel C2DI is the lightest, smallest and most cost effective ignition module on the market. These units are available in four- and eight-channel configurations and are ideal for applications that utilize aftermarket stand-alone engine management systems.

AEM's digital Multi-Channel C2DI is the only capacitive discharge ignition systems available with dual capacitors. This enables the AEM C2DI to produce more spark energy and spark voltage per spark than any other available CDI unit. AEM's exclusive Twin Cap technology stores the energy for two distinct spark events and allows for full spark energy for each individual sparkplug, even on high-rpm distributed Mustangs.