NRG Carbon Fiber Wing EG

Improves rear end stability by providing large amounts of downforce to the rear of the car at high speeds. This product is a must for any vehicle competing at time attacks and drifting where rearend stability can be the difference between a win and a loss. Downforce provided is also adjustable according to height, angle, and size of the wing.

NRG Part # CARB-A690
NRG Innovations Part # CARB-A690NRG
Carbon Fiber Spoiler is made with high lightweight carbon fiber glass. The wing is designed to reinforce strength and exterior appearance of the vehicles. Aerodynamic includes fuel efficiancy and reduces of drag.
Seibon 92-95 Honda Civic HB SP Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
Seibon 92-95 Honda Civic HB SP Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler w/LED
Seibon 96-00 Honda Civic HB TR Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
Seibon 92-95 Honda Civic 2DR/HB Doors
Part# DD9295HDCV2D
*Please note that all Carbon Fiber products require professional installation. Minor adjustments might be necessary. These are normal body work and installation steps. Therefore it is NOT considered to be defective. In addition, most carbon fiber products are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable.