Monster Lug (48mm) - 1008 Steel Lug Nut Lock Set (4 Pieces), 14 x 1.5, Open End
Part# MON-33002
Monster Lug (48mm) - 50BV30 Steel Lug Nut Set (20 Pieces), 14 x 1.5, Open End
Part# MON-33006
Monster Lug - Lug Nut Cap Set (20 Pieces), 14 x 1.5, Plastic Part# MON-33007
-Set Includes 4 Locks and 1 Key
-Genuine OEM part
-14x1.5mm Thread Pitch
-Fits 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R as well as any other newer Honda application that uses a 14x1.5mm Thread Pitch
-Ensure maximum protection
-Protects against wheel and tire theft without affecting wheel balance

The Project Kics Leggdura M14x1.5 lug nuts in thread pitch is nearly equal in weight as the typical aluminum nut yet, with its duralumin construction, is as tough as OEM. These Leggdura Lug Nuts are closed ended and anodized colors for a finished appearance.

- Duralumin wheel lock and nut
- 20 lug nuts for 14x1.5 kit (locks not produced for M14 kits)
- standard 17mm hex lugs
- M14x1.5

Monster Lug (35mm) - 50BV30 Steel Lug Nut Set (20 Pieces), 14 x 1.5, Open End. Part# MON-33000
The Kics Racing Composite R40 iCONIX lugs are made of chromium molybdenum steel (SCM435 forging) to resist the harshest of race abuse. The R40 unique feature (patent pending) of this six-sided, hexagonal lug nut is that each lug consists of 2 pieces, where the top of the lugs spin freely from the tapered centering ring. This ensures a much tighter and precise hold than traditional lug nuts. It also minimizes the chances of scratching your wheels. Made of lightweight composite materials, these open ended lugs fit on both standard studs as well as extended studs. The entire set weighs just under 2 lbs! Highly recommended for both street and track enthusiasts. Made from chromoly steel 435. Lessen the chances of ruining your wheels with these impact gun friendly lug nuts.