K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers 88-91 Civic/ CRX, Integra 90-93

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1R-EF

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers 92-00 Civic/ Del-Sol, Integra 94-01

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1R-EG
Note: Integra Type-R requires rear LAC adapter # KT-KTD-K1-EYE (Sold separately).

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilover 01-05 Honda Civic (Including SI)

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1-EP3
Fitment: 01-05 Civic (Coupe / Sedan / Hatch)
Spring Rate: F-8K / R-8K

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilover 02-06 Acura RSX

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1-RSX
Fitment: 02-06 Acura RSX
Spring Rate: F-8K / R-9K

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilover 06-11 Honda Civic

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1-FG2
Fitment: 06-11 Honda Civic
Spring Rate: F-8K / R-7K

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers 12-15 Honda Civic

K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1-FG4 & KTD-K1-FG4
Fitment: 12-15 Honda Civic
Spring Rate: F-8K / R-7K

K-Tuned Coilover Covers (Pair)

K-Tuned Part# KTD-SSC-014
Coilover covers are designed to be a simple and easy install. Velcro and drawstrings allow you to install them without removing the suspension. Overall length of 14" should be long enough to cover most coilovers on the market. Water proof material will help to keep them looking fresh and clean.


K-Tuned Part # KTD-K1-EYE
The Type R LCA adapters can be used with KTD-K1-EG or KTD-K1-EF to use Type R rear LCA.

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers 2008-12 Accord / 2009-14 TSX

K-Tuned Part# KTD-K1-AC8
Fitment: 2008-12 Honda Accord / 2009-14 Acura TSX
Spring Rate: F-14K / R-8K

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers Honda CRZ

K-Tuned Part# KTD-K1-CRZ
Fitment: Honda CRZ
Spring Rate: F-7K / R-4K

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers Honda S2000

K-Tuned Part# KTD-K1-S2K
Fitment: Honda S2000 (AP1 and AP2)
Spring Rate: F-10K / R-7K 

K-Tuned K1 Street Coilovers 2003-07 Accord / 2004-08 TSX

K-Tuned Part# KTD-K1-AC3
Fitment: 2003-07 Honda Accord / 2004-08 Acura TSX
Spring Rate: F-14K / R-8K
*Please note due to the current high demand and low production rate of many suspension systems. All suspension purchases are considered pre-order expected to ship in 6 to 8 weeks from the date of purchase. If you require something within a specific time frame please contact us before placing your order to verify availability.