TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers

The TruHart flagship coilover, the StreetMAX offers a 32-way adjustable mono-tube damper. The 56mm (MacPherson applications) and 52mm (wishbone applications) shock bodies paired with steel lower mounts make the StreetMAX coilovers among the hardiest on the market. Separate preload and height adjustment allows for ride height adjustment while maintaining full strut travel at all times. Spring rate and valving are matched and application specific to provide a performance street feel also perfect for occasional track use.

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 06-11 Civic

TruHart Part # TH-H905
StreetMAX Coilovers for 06-11 Honda Civic

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers for: 92-95 Honda Civic / 94-01 Acura Integra

TruHart Part # TH-H902

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 96-00 Honda Civic

TruHart Part # TH-H902-1

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 03-07 Accord / 03-08 TSX

TruHart Part # TH-H908
StreetMAX Coilovers for 03-07 Honda Accord / 03-08 Acura TSX

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 08-12 Accord / 09-14 TSX / 09-14 TL

TruHart Part # TH-H909
StreetMAX Coilover Suspension for 08-12 Honda Accord / 09-14 Acura TSX / 09-14 Acura TL

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 01-05 Civic / 02-05 Civic Si

TruHart Part # TH-H911-1
StreetMAX Coilovers for 01-05 Honda Civic / 02-05 Honda Civic Si EP3

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers 02-06 RSX

TruHart Part # TH-H911
StreetMAX Coilovers for 02-06 Acura RSX

TruHart StreetMAX Coilovers12-15 Civic / 12-13 Civic Si

TruHart Part # TH-H905-1
StreetMAX Coilovers for 12-15 Honda Civic / 12-13 Honda Civic Si

TruHart Front LCA 92-95 Civic/ 94-01 Integra

TruHart Part# TH-H104

TruHart Front LCA 96-00 Honda Civic

TruHart Part# TH-H105
(Fitment Excludes SI model)

TruHart Front LCA 96-00 Honda Civic (w PillowBall)

TruHart Part# TH-H105-PB
(Fitment Excludes SI model)

TruHart Front Traction Bar (DC2/ EG/ EK)

TruHart Part# TH-H608
Traction Bar Kit for 92-00 Honda Civic/ 94-01 Acura Integra