Skunk2 B-Series Ultra Series Stage-1 Camshafts

Skunk2 Ultra Series Cam Shaft Set (Stage- 1), for Honda/Acura B16A/B17A/B18C VTEC Engines Part # 305-05-6150

Skunk2 Honda B-Series VTEC Rocker Set

Skunk2 Part# 348-05-0300
The Skunk2 VTEC rocker set provides an affordable replacement for OEM Honda rockers. In addition to being OEM compatible, Skunk2 has also made additional improvements to both the materials and design. Skunk2 incorporates an extended radius wear pad on all three rockers which allows for larger profiles to be used when compared to OEM rockers. Additionally, the Skunk2 radius pad is made from the latest in powdered metallurgy that provides exceptional wear resistance with reduced friction.
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Brian Crower Honda Acura B18C/B16A/B17A Camshafts Stage 3 Normally Aspirated

Brian Crower Part# BC0013
BC Camshaft Set of 2 for B-Series VTEC NA Applications
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