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K-Tuned TPS SENSOR K20A/A2/Z1 & (EP3 K20A3 T/B)

For K20A/A2 and Z1 throttlebody or the A3 throttlebody only from the Honda EP3 hatchback. It also fits several aftermarket TB’s
K-Tuned Part # KTD-TPS-V2
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Blox Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - B/D/H-series

BLOX Racing Part# BXIM-10400
For all B-Series, H-Series, and most D-Series engine applications.
1990-2001 Acura Integra (All Models), 1988-2000 Honda Civic (All Models), 1988-1991 Honda CRX (All Models), 1992-1997 Honda Delsol (All Models), 1992-2001 Honda Prelude (all models).
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Blox Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - K-series

BLOX Part# BXIM-10401
BLOX Racing TPS for 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S / Honda Civic Si (EP3)
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BLOX Throttle Body Adaptor K-Series to B-Series

BLOX Racing Part# BXIM-10302
BLOX Racing offers a great performance solution for K-series enthusiasts: the K2B throttle body adapter. This adapter allows users to install almost any B/D/H throttle body on to a RBC or RBC-style intake manifold. Now tuners and builders can reap the performance gains by installing BLOX Racing cast or billet B-series throttle bodies ranging from 66mm to 76mm bore sizes.
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Skunk2 2.5 BAR MAP Sensor Honda D/H/B-Series

Skunk2 Part# 352-05-1525
Skunk2 Racing 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor for Honda B / D / H / F series engines
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Skunk2 Honda K Series 3 Bar MAP Sensor

Skunk2 Part# 352-05-1515
MAP Sensor - 3 BAR - BRZ/ FRS/ FT86 & Honda K Series
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Blox V2 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) K-series

BLOX Part# BXIM-10401-V2
BLOX Racing TPS Version 2 for K-Series Engines. 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type-S / Honda Civic Si (EP3)
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Hondata 4 bar Map sensors

The Hondata 4 bar map sensor is a plug compatible replacement for the Honda factory MAP sensor. It is a direct replacement for the B, D, H, F and K-series Honda engines. This plug in sensor takes less than 60 seconds to install and eliminates the risk of sensor damage that often occurs when attempting to wire in other types of MAP sensors. Settings are found in your Hondata s300/ KPRO unit Parameters under MAP.

BLOX EGR Block Off Plate (Black)

The BLOX Billet Aluminum EGR Block Off Plates allow you to seal the EGR passages in your intake manifold for off-road racing use. Part # BXEX-00010-BK
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