K-Tuned Part # KTH-88-91 (Applications: 1998-1991 EF Civic & CRX)
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K-Tuned Part # KTH-EG-DC2
For 92-95 EG Civic & 94-01 DC2 Integra
K-Tuned Part # KTH-96-98 / KTH-99-00 (Applications: 1996-1998 or 1999-2000 EK Civic)
K-Tuned Part # KTH-01-05 (Applications: 2001-2005 EM2 Civic)
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K-Tuned Part# KTH-215-ENG

K-Tuned K-Series Tucked Engine Harness. Made using SAE certified automotive grade wiring. The military grade shrink loom is rated for - 67°F to 320°F.
For most K-Swap Cars, 02-04 RSX Type S, RSX Base or EP3 with Type S or K24 Swap using a K-Tuned Adapter Conversion Harness
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Part # KID-001
Works with 2001-2004 K&D ecus - PLM, PLR, PND, PNF, PRA, PRB & PPA
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K-Tuned Part # KTD-KNK-300
Application: All K-Series except new K24Z-Series

Many K-Series cars come with a very brittle and easily broken knock sensor. If you have worked on your car and tried to unplug the sensor chances are you've broken it. The plastic body becomes very weak from the heat and often cracks or breaks easily. We are providing a better alternative with our knock sensor with pigtail. This can easily be wired into your and doesn't require any modification to the ECU. The readings and output are the same as factory

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K-Tuned Part# KTD-FHG-065
The K-Tuned Firewall Grommet is designed specifically for K-Tuned engine harness (KTH-ENG-306) as a clean and simple way of putting the harness through your firewall. It has an inside hole size of 0.65" that can be used to pass anything that size or smaller through the firewall or other location. If you are using KTH-ENG-204 (Engine Harness w/Integrated Power Wire) you will have to open the hole up slightly to clear the larger harness.

This will cover holes between 1.05" to 1.25"

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K-Tuned Part# KTH-PWR-085
High grade power wire can be used for most k-series cars. It is designed to connect from the fuse box to the alternator. Overall length is approximately 85" long and can be cut to length. The kit comes with loom, heat shrink, ends, and labels. Not: Fuse box terminal has a 5mm ID hole and 12.5mm wide spade. Alternator ring terminal 10.5mm ID hole and 15mm OD. Ensure both sizes work for your application before purchasing.
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K-Tuned Part# KTH-GWP-011
The K-Tuned ground wire kit includes two 11" long ground wires. These are great upgrade for old corroded and worn grounds. You want to run one from transmission to chassis and engine to chassis. Both connections should be to bare metal.
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K-Tuned Part# KTD-RSX-PSI
RSX Race-spec Billet RSX Shifter
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