GReddy Type FV2 Universal BOV (Floating Design Blow off Valve)

GReddy Part # 11501666
Item: Blow-off Valve
Type: Type FV II
Size: 40mm
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Universal GReddy Blow off Valve Flange, Gasket, Nuts & Bolts (Aluminum weld-on)

GReddy Part# 11900451
GReddy Aluminum Blow Off Valve Flange for Type R or Type RS
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PRL Civic Type-R FK8 Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

The PRL upgraded charge pipe kit utilizes smooth flowing, 26% larger inner diameter cold-side for increased airflow and factory diameter hot-side outlet to aid in turbocharger spool. 4-ply silicone couplers are used throughout our design for a couple of reasons:
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