greddy sp elite

GReddy SP Elite

The SP line of GReddy Exhaust systems has set the benchmark for bolt-on, Street Performance: with style, sound, fitment, power and quality since 1994. The SP Elite, is GReddy’s latest version of this full stainless-steel legacy. Similar in style to the Spectrum Elite line, the SP Elite uses a larger high flow piping, straight-through oval muffler(s) and resonated angled tip(s) for a sporty, yet refine exhaust note. However the SP Elite, has a more standard finished polished tip, stamp strengthen end caps and un-embossed muffler body, resulting in more affordable, more subtle, Sport Performance Exhaust. *Please Note that some applications are special order, please allow up to 10 business days for shipment.

Please note due to the current high demand and low production rate of many exhaust systems. All exhaust purchases are considered pre-order expected to ship in 6 to 8 weeks from the date of purchase. If you require something within a specific time frame please contact us before placing your order to verify availability.

GReddy Honda (EG) Civic HB 3" Supreme SP Exhaust System

GReddy Part # 10158205
Fitment Honda Civic EG Hatchback 92-95. 3" Catback Exhaust
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GReddy Supreme SP Honda Civic Hatchback 2017-2018

GReddy Part # 10158212
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GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust Honda Civic Type-R 2017+

GReddy Part# TP-10158214
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Honda Civic Type-R FK8 2017+ GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust (HG)

GReddy Part# TP-10158215
The GReddy Supreme SP – HG (High Grade) is GReddy's premium stainless-steel cat-back exhaust for the (FK8) Civic Type R.
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GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust System 96-00 Civic Hatchback (76mm Piping)

GReddy Part# 10158207
Car Make: Honda
Car Model: Civic (HB)
Car Year: 1996-00
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GReddy Supreme SP Integra RS/LS 94-01, GSR 00-01 Exhaust System

GReddy Part# TP-10158218
The classic SP exhaust for iconic (DC) Acura Integra has returned, but this time this Supreme SP is designed with larger diameter piping to suit tuned 94-01 Integra LS/RS and 00-01 Integra GSR. Ideal for bolt-on turbo or supercharger kits or high-flow N/A applications, this version features large diameter 76mm (3”) muffler and piping, with only a short inlet portion of 63.5mm (2.5”) to allow it to still bolt up to factory catalytic converter flanges.
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GReedy 9TH Gen Civic Si 3" Exhaust (12-14)

GReddy 12-15 Honda Civic Si Coupe 76mm Supreme SP Cat-Back Exhaust. Part# 10158209
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