Highend Tri Y stainless steel race headers

HighEnd TRI-Y H2B Stainless Steel Header

- Designed for high horsepower H2B swap applications
- CNC machined Flanges
- 2.5in collector, accepts Type R gasket
- Stainless Steel

- May require modification to exhaust flange or Catalytic-converter
and or crossmember modification depending on you chassis. Specially angled for you H2B swap.

Private Label Part# PLM-HB18-TA-V2-HEADER
Private Label Mfg. Power Driven ( TA Toda ) B-Series header V2 ( MULTI PIECE / RACE) features a true 4-2-1 merge collector for more equal exhaust flow. This header delivers the best peak horsepower gain while utilizing an multi-piece design.
PLM Private Label Mfg. Power Driven H22 SP HEADER (H22A F20B) features a true step up exhaust header design. The one-piece design header delivers low to mid range power while maximizing engine compartment space for this exhaust manifold. The header is ideal for all forms of competition; auto-cross, drag racing and road racing.

Private Label Part# PLM-D-T3-TOP

PLM (Private Label Mfg.) Power Driven T3 Top Mount Turbo Manifold ( Honda D Engines) is designed to spool large turbos very quickly, producing massive midrange gains that carry to redline. This manifold is designed for any high power application, where huge power, huge torque and great spool is necessary.