Hasport 90-93 Accord K-Series Mount Kit

Hasport Engine mount kit for the K-Series (with TSX or Accord Transmission) into the 90-93 Accord. Will fit with the US Accord K24A4, Element K24A4, TSX K24A2 and the Euro Accord K20A or K24A along with a US 03+ Accord, TSX or Euro Accord Transmission. Part # CBK2

Hasport 90-93 Accord H/F-Series left hand engine mount

This mount will fit the left side of the 90-93 Accord with an H or F-Series engine. Hasport Part # CBLH

Hasport BBRR 90-97 Accord/92-96 Prelude H/F-Series Rear Mount

Hasport Part # BBRR
This mount will fit the rear of the 90-97 Honda Accord and 92-96 Honda Prelude with an H or F-Series engine.
Short 3 Bolt Style
Requires the use of the Prelude H22 rear engine bracket (sold separately)

Hasport H-series Swap Mounts 90-93 Accord CBH1

Hasport Conversion kit designed to fit the stock Accord DX/LX/EX CB7 chassis when converting to a manual H-Series engine with 92-01 Prelude M/T Transmission or a 94-01 F-Series manual transmission.
Hasport Part# CBH1

Hasport 90-93 Accord Replacement Transmission Frame Bracket CB

Hasport Part# CBRHB
Weld-in Replacement bracket for manual transmission mount on the 90-93 Honda Accord.
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