HKS Catback Exhaust Honda Civic Coupe 92-00 (INCL. 99-00 SI)

HKS 99-00 Honda Civic Si Hi-Power Exhaust
HKS Part# 3203-EX014
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HKS Hi-Power Exhaust RSX 02-06

Direct bolt-on for all 02-06 Acura RSX Type-S models but will also fit RSX premium/base models that are using or switching to a Type-S header.

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System ACURA RSX Type S
HKS Part# 32003-BH004

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HKS 3203-EX009 Hi-Power Exhaust (Honda Civic(1992-1995)

HKS 92-95 Civic DX/EX/LX Hiper Exhaust
HKS Part# 3203-EX009
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HKS 02-05 Civic Si Hi-Power Cat-Back Exhaust

HKS 02-05 Honda Civic Si Hi-Power Exhaust
HKS Part# 32003-BH001
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HKS Exhaust Civic 1992 - 1995 Honda Civic HB

HKS 92-95 Honda Civic DX/Si Hatchback Only Hi-Power Exhaust
HKS Part# 3203-EX015
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HKS Exhaust Civic 1988 - 1991 Honda Civic HB SI

HKS 88-91 Honda Civic Si Hatchback Sport Exhaust
HKS Part# LES-H05
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96-00 Civic HatchBack HKS Hi-Power Catback Exhaust System

HKS Part# 3203-EX019
HKS USA EJ6 Civic 96-00 H/M
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DC Sports headers are available in 100% T-304-stainless steel including the flanges, eliminating any chance of rust. We are proud to announce that our stainless-steel headers are now available in two finishes; polished stainless steel, and our NEW brushed stainless steel! Polished stainless systems are indicated with an "S" at the end of the part number, and brushed systems are indicated with a "B" at the end of the part number. Our polished stainless-steel headers feature hand TIG welds at the flanges, and our brushed stainless-steel headers feature machine MIG welds at the flanges that foster a tooled, custom-fabricated look.