Hybrid Racing Shifter

Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter

HR Part # HYB-SAS-01-05
• Shift knob not included with shifter
• Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
• Adjustable throw from 90%-40% of stock throw for both front/back and left/right motion
• Knob is height adjustable
• Central shaft features unique splined design for added knob placement adjustability
• Designed to use stock RSX or Hybrid Racing shift linkage
• 432 Possible Configurations!
• Accepts M10x1.5 shift knobs (standard Honda/Acura shift knob thread)

Hybrid Racing RSX Shifter Assembly (2002-2006 Acura RSX)

Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-SAS-01-20
• 10%-50% adjustable throw reduction
• 10%-50% adjustable gate spacing
• Adjustable shift knob height.
• Ball Bearings for fluid motion
• Stainless steel shift rod & hardware.
• Laser cut, powder coated frame.
• Updated spring rates

HR Revo Shifter (K-Swap)

Hybrid Racing Part # REV-SS-REV-ARSX02-M6G2
• Must have for Kswaps!
• Easy to install.
• UP to 40% shorter throw.
• Mounts directly to Karcepts plate.

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter 06-11 Honda Civic

HR Part # HYB-SAS-01-15
• Smooth, precise and direct shifts
• Adjustable Left/Right Throw from 10-50% Below Stock
• Adjustable Front/Back Throw from 10-50% Below Stock
• Anodized Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction
• New sealed ball bearings that reduce friction
• Lighter & stronger than the V1 shifter
• Race tested for durability & reliability
• 1.5 Inches of height adjustability
• Silver Zinc plated springs
• Stainless steel hardware
• Unique laser etched anodized aluminum plaque

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter 02-05 Honda Civic SI

Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-SAS-01-25
• Adjustable front/back throw from 20-50% below stock.
• Anodized billet aluminum & stainless steel construction.
• Sealed ball bearings for reduced friction.
• 1" of height adjustability.
• Silver zinc plated springs.
• Stainless steel hardware.

Hybrid Racing Z3 K-Series Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter

Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-SAS-01-10
For K-Series Engine; w/ K20Z3 Style Transmission
• Utilize stock K20Z3 transmission and stock shifter cables.
• NO CUTTING or random parts to buy.
• Hundreds of adjustable positions
• Stainless steel & aluminum consturction

Hybrid Racing F/H-Series Transmission to K-Series Shifter & Cable Conversion Bracket

Hybrid Racing Part # HYB-TBR-01-05
• Allows use of RSX shifter and linkage on H-Swap.
• Allows use of Hybrid Racing Bolt-In K-Swap Shifter and Cables.
• Improved performance over OEM H-Series cables and shifter.
• Carbon steel construction with durable powder coat finish.

Hybrid Racing K-Swap RSX DC5 Shifter Mounting Plate

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-SMP-01-05
Anodized billet aluminum
Mounts DC5 shifter directly to chassis
Rubber lower seal
Includes all stainless hardware
Race tested

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly (Universal B/D-Series)

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-SAS-01-30 (Gold), HYB-SAS-01-31 (Black)
Smooth, precise and direct shifts!
Adjusts from inside of the car!
Anodized Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction.
Sealed ball bearings that reduce friction
Race tested for durability & reliability
10-40% Adjustable throw