JDM Nippon Racing PRC K-Series Pistons / SCAT Rods Combo High Comp K20/ K24 ITR

JDM ITR K24 and K20 Blocks. This is a Full Floating Piston and Ring Set with Forged SCAT Rods. This is for a complete set of 4 Brand New Pistons, NPR Rings**, and SCAT 700HP Rated Forged Connecting Rods . Nippon Racing Hypereutectic PRC Piston are a perfect addition to *any Honda K-Series ALL MOTOR Engine Build.

JDM Nippon Racing Full Floating K-Series PRC DC5 ITR Pistons K20/ K24

JDM PRC ITR Type-R K20/ K24 DC5 full floating piston and ring set.

Nippon Racing Hypereutetic PRC ITR K20/ K24 Pistons are a perfect addition to any Honda K-Series all motor engine build.


Nippon Racing K-Series CTR Pistons RRC

Nippon Racing K20, K24 CTR Pistons RRC. 100% Made in Japan. Part # 13010-RRC-000

Nippon Racing B18C GSR P72 Pistons with Rings (Version 2)

Nippon Racing P72 V2 Integra GSR Turbo Flat Top Piston and Ring Set. Perfect for mild Naturally Aspirated and Higher Compression Turbo Builds. 100% Nippon Racing Pistons made in Japan.

Set includes:
-Nippon Racing Honda GS-R P72 High Compression Pistons (Press Fit or Full Floating)
-NPR Performance Gas nitrite coated rings**.
-Improved strength 9310 Wrist Pins

-Deep Valve Pockets for use with aftermarket cams up to Stage 3