Miscellaneous Sensors

Mishimoto Honda / Acura Radiator Fan Switch

The Mishimoto Thermoswitch Fan Switch replaces your OEM fan switch, allowing your radiator fan to activate at 80 degrees, 15 degrees lower than stock temperature. Installation is simple with direct replacement to OEM switch for most 92-05 Honda Acura Applications (See More Details Link for full application listings). Part # MMFAN-SWITCH



K-Tuned OEM Coolant Temp Sensor (for K-Swap)

This simple one wire sensor is needed on all K-swapped EF, EG, EK and DC2 chassis. K-Tuned Part # KTD-18-CTS

Vibrant Thread-On Sensor Bung Adapter

This mechanical O2 fix is basically a way to space out the O2 sensor so that it still reads SOME exhaust gases but it removes the O2 sensor from the direct flow of the gasses as to make the ECU believe there is a restriction in the exhaust gasses.

Vibrant Part #: 19021 

K-Tuned K-Series Knock Sensor w/plug

K-Tuned Part # KTD-KNK-300
Application: All K-Series except new K24Z-Series

Many K-Series cars come with a very brittle and easily broken knock sensor. If you have worked on your car and tried to unplug the sensor chances are you've broken it. The plastic body becomes very weak from the heat and often cracks or breaks easily. We are providing a better alternative with our knock sensor with pigtail. This can easily be wired into your and doesn't require any modification to the ECU. The readings and output are the same as factory

Honda K20 02-06 RSX Base / 02-05 Civic Si Flywheel Cover (Steel Oil Pan)

Honda Part # 21351-PNA-000
Genuine Honda Part. Fits with steel oil pans only

Acura RSX 02-04 Type-S K20 Vehicle Speed Sensor

Honda Part # 78410-S6M-N01
OEM VSS from Honda for the 02-04 Acura RSX Type-S K-Series 6spd. Genuine Honda Part.

K-Tuned Pro Shift Cut Programmable Interface

K-Tuned Part# KTD-RSX-PSI
RSX Race-spec Billet RSX Shifter

K-Tuned Adjustable Speed Converter RSX 05-06/Civic 06-11


VTEC Pressure Switch Delete Bolt (Titanium)

Titanium bolt (1) is a solution to delete the VTEC Solenoid Oil Pressure switch/sensor. (sold individually)