B&M Shifter

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Fidanza Honda Single Bend Short Shifter

Fidanza Racing Sport Short Single Bend Shifter 88-00 Civic / 90-01 Integra (D & B-Series)
Part# 891812

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Hybrid Racing Short Shifter 04-08 Acura TSX

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-SAS-01-55 (Black)/ HYB-SAS-01-56 (Red)

Fidanza Racing Sport Short Shifter 02-05 RSX / Civic 01-05

Fidanza 06-11 Acura CSX / 02-06 Acura RSX (incl Type-S) Short Throw Shifter
Fidanza Part# 891702
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Dust Black Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Honda D/ B-Series

Hybrid Racing Part# HYB-SAS-01-31
The Hybrid Racing B-Series Shifter is CNC machined from aluminum and stainless, digitally checked for accuracy, finished using our three-stage anodizing process, laser etched, hand assembled and neatly placed into a foam lined box ready to breathe life into your B-Series or D-Series transmission.
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