Extra Goodies

Treefrog "squash" scented air freshener from Japan. Lasts up to 4-5 weeks.
NRG Part # AF-101
NRG Part # AF-100
The B-Series engine is one of Honda's most iconic family of engines. Considered to be one of the most advanced inline four-cylinder motors of its time, the B-Series featured dual-overhead cams and Honda's VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control). Some B-Series engine models were able to achieve a specific power output of 100 HP/liter. This was truly an amazing engine that laid the foundation for countless motoring enthusiasts worldwide.
Pilot Part # CA-9802
400 Peak Amps. 10000mAh of Capacity
- Jump start most standard 12V vehicles
- Charge your smart phones and tablets
- Compact, fits in your glove box or center console
Package includes the following:
- 3D modeled, textured, clip-in style hard case for the iPhone 6/6s
- microfiber wipe featuring the official Honda logo
- clear screen protector
GREDDY Part# TP-20001300
Description:  Extra grip for your cell phone.  Pop it once or twice to suit your hold or use it as a stand, then collapse to lay flat.  Use the included clip mount to allow mounting your cell phone to your vehicle or tool box.
* Popsockets may be used as a supplemental aid to holding a device only when the device is otherwise securely supported.
NRG Part # KC-300