Eibach Camber Kits

Eibach Pro Alignment Kit Honda Civic/ CRX 1988-1991

Eibach Part# 5.69460K
Eibach offers a complete range of alignment kits which offer a simple, affordable solution to adjust negative camber. These alignment kits not only assist in adjusting a vehicle's camber back to factory specifications but they also allow the experienced chassis tuner to utilize the increased adjustment range to dial-in a performance alignment that uses negative camber to maximize a chassis' potential. Turn-in becomes more precise and handling increasingly crisp and predictable. High-speed stability is also enhanced making an alignment kit from Eibach almost a necessity for the serious performance tuner.

Eibach Pro-Alignment Kit - Honda Front Camber Bolts

Eibach Part # 5.81260k
Camber +/-1.75 Degrees of Adjustment
14mm Camber Bolts
Prevents Uneven Tire Wear


Eibach Camber Kit (Front) +1.50/ -3.0 Degree for Honda Accord 98-02 (All Models) & Civic 88-91. Part # 5.67320K

EIBACH CAMBER KIT ACCORD 98-02/3.2CL 01-03/3.2TL 99-03(REAR)

Eibach Camber Kit (Rear) -2.0/+4.0 Degrees
for Acura 3.2 CL 01-03 (Incl. Type-S), 3.2 TL 99-03 (Incl. Type-S); Honda Accord 98-02 (ALL) Part # 5.67090K

Eibach Pro-Alignment Kit - 16mm Front Camber Bolts

Eibach Part # 5.81280k
Camber +/-1.75 Degrees of Adjustment
16mm Camber Bolts
Prevents Uneven Tire Wear

Eibach Camber Kit Honda Civic 06-11 (Rear)

Eibach Rear Camber Arm Kit, +/-3.0 degree of adjustment.
Part # 5.67470K
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